Expressing the words of truth

In order to express the power of their lineage and the merit which enabled them to enter the , the Vaira  stands before the Mandala ringing the and uttering the words of truth– In this section the disciples pass through the curtain permits them now to see the Mandala.

In order to identify the lineage or family of Ones Gone Thus by which disciples may achieve through the practice of , they cast a flower onto the Mandala. The flower that was given is held between the of the folded hands. When the masters say TRAM the flower is transformed into a precious flower and the disciples repeat TRAM. Thus they supplicate the to indicate their lineage. Imagining the flower held between the fingers to the deities and reciting the appropriate the disciples throw it onto a base marked with five signs which have been placed on top of a victory vase.

The master then places the flower on the disciples’ heads and gives them their secret names. Nectar flows from the flower, which purifies obstacles to the disciples’ attainment of through their respective lineage. They imagine that by fixing the flower garland upon their heads they experience bliss and emptiness.

In accordance with the lama’s words and through the influence of Kalachakra the disciples visualize that their Vajra eyes have been opened. When the blindfold is removed they imagine seeing the resultant Mandala of Kalachakra. Recalling the lama’s words they should generate a strong conviction that by viewing the Mandala they have cleared away all the negativities accumulated over hundreds of thousands of eons.

The lama instructs the disciples to look at the Mandala saying, ‘As you have generated yourself as a child of , during the preliminary ceremonies, here you are also generated as a child of the Buddha has the ability to achieve the supreme and ordinary accomplishments, by making use of the five sensual objects through the blessing of mantra and seal.’ Then the master introduces you to the entire Mandala and deities of Kalachakra. The disciples repeat the Vajra song to express their at having seen the Mandala and the deities of Kalachakra, which completes the section on entering Mandala.


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