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Head of Bhairava is a mask belonging to Nepal’s Malla period. The sculpture, found in the Kathmandu valley, Nepal was created in the 16th century AD. This mask is made of gilt copper with rock crystal and paint. Bhairava is a terrifying manifestation of Hindu god Shiva. Bhairava is considered as a destructive emanation in Hindu mythology. The Bhairava concept can be seen in not only Hinduism, but also in some Buddhist schools and Jainism. This Bhairava head is ornamented with a diadem entwined with snakes and skulls. It symbolizes rage.

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Kathmandu, The Land of Bhairava

In popular lore, the of and death, was considered to be the , jury, and executioner in times. Anyone accused of the crime was made to stand before Kaal Bhairava for judgment. Bhairava in the Jatra festival Under sunny skies, huge crowds packed the in to witness the Indra Jatra festival. Among the many dazzling attractions, is a practice of the chariot procession of the living .