About Hsin Pei

Hsin Pei was the seventh and eighth term abbot and director of the Fo Guang Shan, an international Chinese Buddhist order based in Taiwan. The youngest abbot ever elected to the order, Hsin Pei was elected by the members of Fo Guang Shan worldwide in 2004 and succeeded retiring abbot Hsin Ting in 2005. As abbot of the Order, Hsin Pei is the second highest monastic in the order, and is second in line to the position of head teacher. His term ended in March 2013. Hsin Pei currently resides in the United States in order to improve his English.
Linji Huguo Chan Temple is a Japanese Buddhist temple

Taiwanese Buddhist monks – life & contributions

Buddhism is one of the major religions of Taiwan. Taiwanese people predominantly practice Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhism was brought to Taiwan in the era of Dutch colonialism by settlers from the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangdong. In 1662, Koxinga drove the Dutch from Taiwan. His son Zheng Jing established the first Buddhist temple in Taiwan. During this period, Buddhist practice was not pervasive, with Buddhist only performing funeral and memorial services. When the Qing dynasty .