About Kaathe Swyambhu

Kaathe Swayambhu, 1650AD, a miniature replica of Swayambhunath stupa
Kaathe Swayambhu Shree Gha Chaitya is a miniature replica of Swayambhunath. It was built around 1650AD and is one of the popular Tibetan pilgrimage site in Kathmandu, Nepal. The stupa is also called Shree Gha-Shanti Ghat Bhajradhatu Mahachaitya or Kathesimbhu stupa or Kashi Swayambhu.
World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini

Buddhist Stupas in Nepal – The relics of the Buddha

in Nepal date back to the Licchavi period. is one of the oldest known buildings in the country and was likely built in the 5th century. It was built in Swayambhu, Kathmandu, where the land was declared as sacred to Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), by the 3rd Emperor of the Maurya Dynasty Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century BCE. According to the legends, the stupa came out of a sacred lotus at the centre .