About Phra Phuttha Sihing

The Phra Phuttha Sihing is a highly revered image of the Gautama Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand, second in importance only after the Emerald Buddha. The image is currently housed at the Phutthaisawan Hall, now the Bangkok National Museum. The image was brought to Bangkok from Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai in 1795 by Viceroy Maha Sura Singhanat, the brother of King Rama I.
Interior of the vihara of the Phra Phuttha Chinnarat

Buddha statues in Thailand – iconography & examples

Buddha statues in Thailand are typically made of stone, wood, clay, or metal cast. While there are such figures in all regions where Buddhism is commonly practiced, the appearance, composition and position of the statues vary greatly from country to country. In Thailand the statues of Buddha recall specific episodes during his travels and teachings that are familiar to the Thai according to an iconography with specific rules. .