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Robert Alexander Farrar Thurman is an American author and academic who has written, edited, and translated several books on . He is the father of actress Uma Thurman. He is the Professor of Indo- Studies at Columbia University, holding the first endowed chair in this field of in the United States. He also is the co-founder and president of the House New York. He translated the from the Kanjur into English.

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Reputable Buddhism scholars in America

Buddhist history in the United States traces to the mid-19th century, when early scholars and spiritual pioneers first introduced the subject to Americans. During the past two decades, research on Buddhism in America has expanded tremendously. Here comes some of the most reputable Buddhism scholars in .

What we think, we become – Buddha

What we think, we become - As much as itself, is dedicated to psychological well being, and Buddha has been referred to as the first psychologist. So much so, (the first ordained Monk from the United States) often refers to “Dr. Buddha” in many of his writings and lectures. Dr. Buddha has been teaching the transformative nature of thought for over 2,500 years. The following quotes about the power .