About Tsangnyön Heruka

Tsangnyön Heruka, was an author and a master of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. Born in Tsang, he is best known as a biographer and compiler of the Life of Milarepa and The Collections of Songs of Milarepa, both classics of Tibetan literature.

Interpreting Vajravarahi and 5 Deities Tibetan Painting

Vajravarahi, 5 Deity principal tutelary deity of the . The life of Vajravarahi In this portion, we are going to learn about the life of Vajrabarahi, after that the short description of the word Vajravarahi itself. Etymology of Vajravarahi Vajravarahi is known as Asrdo Rje Phag mo in . Vajravarahi is one of the most popular female deities in all traditions of . Earlier, we learn about the life of the Vajravarahi. Now, we .