About Union of the Sun and Moon

The Union of the and Moon is one of the of the esoteric instruction cycle which are a suite of known variously as: Nyingtik, Upadesha or within discourse.”This tantra shows which experience a person undergoes in the intermediate state, the , after passing away. It teaches how to resolve one’s ’s oral instructions during the bardo of this life, how to stabilize awareness during the bardo of dying, how to attain through recognizing awareness during the bardo of dharmata, and, if necessary, how to be assured a rebirth in a realm during the bardo of becoming and there reveal without further rebirths.”

Nyingma tantras – Beyond the methods of Highest Yoga

The doxography employed by the Nyingma tradition to categorize the whole of the Buddhist path is unique. Nyingmapas divide the Buddhist path into 3 sutra systems, 3 outer tantras and 3 inner tantras. In the later schools the inner tantric teachings are known as Anuttarayoga Tantra, which corresponds to in the Nyingma system, while the Mahamudra teachings of the later schools are said to lead to similar results as the Dzogchen teachings. The main Dzogchen .