About Vima Nyingtik

Vima Nyingthig, “Seminal Heart of ”, is one of the two “seminal heart” collections of the cycle , the other one being “Seminal Heart of the ”. Traditionally the are ascribed to Vimalamitra, but they were codified and collated by their discoverers in the 11th and 12th century.

Nyingma tantras – Beyond the methods of Highest Yoga

The doxography employed by the Nyingma tradition to categorize the whole of the Buddhist path is unique. Nyingmapas divide the Buddhist path into 3 sutra systems, 3 outer tantras and 3 inner tantras. In the later schools the inner tantric teachings are known as Anuttarayoga Tantra, which corresponds to in the Nyingma system, while the Mahamudra teachings of the later schools are said to lead to similar results as the Dzogchen teachings. The main Dzogchen .