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      Buddhism is largely about seeing clearly; seeing what is there as it is. This requires some interpretation and knowledge — in some cases. We do not know what a tree is, until we learn about it.

      But once we have learned, we often no longer see what the tree is.

      There are unlimited states of consciousness, as consciousness is unlimited.

      To see clearly we should always refresh our senses…. This means to meditate…

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      TO meditate is most wonderful; this is indeed the most beautiful skill.

      Meditation is expression of what is inexpressible; and while meditating, one certainly has the highest praise.

      Meditation and stillness are expression of our nature —

      For the practical aspect, Meditation is so wonderful. . . . We are expressing our nature . . .

      Meditation is the as well, the most rejuvenating state.

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      Meditation helps to see clearly because it is the most rejuvenating state; —

      This is why it is so intimately connected with wisdom;

      Wisdom is indeed meditation;

      As an ancient scripture says.

      Meditation is also wonderful practice of the 6 perfections:

      Energy, (Effort), Wisdom, Generosity, Discipline, Concentration and Patience.

      To attain awakening requires effort — All of life requires effort, and to reach perfected state requires ideal effort —

      (The right kind, the right time, and place.)

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      As a practical aspect, we may see that all of nature has wisdom;

      Every being of nature expressing wisdom,

      All of nature, all of existence expresses wisdom.

      All of wisdom expresses the true nature of being.

      From the practical view, we may see that all have wisdom;

      All of nature is in harmony,

      Each expresses Buddha-nature, and harmony and beauty.

      From the viewpoint of learning, we can see that all beings express true nature;

      And from the practical point of view — we can learn from all beings —

      Peace is within all of existence; and in nature, we can see all of them having wisdom — peaceful and perfect.

      Every tree expresses perfect stillness,

      Every natural being has stillness,

      All beings have this; — we can look and see. . . . Birds have peace and stillness,

      All beings have these.

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      To come back to the topic,

      For us as humans,

      we have this unique existence. . . .

      For as perfect as a bird may sit on a pole, we have some special attributes as human….

      To learn from all beings is wonderful;

      To see them in true aspect.

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