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      Ok, so in all of this I didn’t speak of the Samadhis yet. They are there but what comes after is what is most beautiful.

      Oh yes — and second point to the description….

      Knowing that enlightenment is so wonderful;

      Therefore the main goal is to attain this…

      And so this is what aspiration comes into it…. Complete desire to attain enlightenment —

      These things are true about enlightenment;

      1. everyone can attain it.

      Everyone can reach it.

      2. nothing can harm it.

      As the nature of each being is this; nothing can harm.

      All forms are like bubbles, vanishing; within them is their source.

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      These are:

      1. infinite consciousness,
      2. infinite space,
      3. nothingness,
      4. no thought or non-thought;

      They are helpful in combination with the 3 gates to Nirvana; i.e. Non-activity, Voidness, and Formlessness.

      As the absorptions occur, one experiences bliss, by stillness — when one moves, they abate.

      By remaining still, they occur more deeply; until non-duality and boundlessness.

      All are passed before the moment of non-daulity, which is the first drop of enlightenment.

      So — stillness as a gate to enlightenment is like this.

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