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      In Nepal, Mandalas are generally found in the streets of Thamel in Kathmandu. There are a lot of Thanka Shops in Thamel area. We can also find them in the Art Schools, temples, museums and monasteries.

      Thangkas are painted in Art school like Changu Thangka Painting School. Changu Thangka painting school is situated in Bhaktapur. According to an artist at Changu Tangka School Saroj Moktan, Mandala is not only made by Buddhist monks, but it can be painted by anyone who has an interest in art and paintings.

      Mandalas are also found in Janaki Temple of Janakpur district. The mandalas made around the Janaki temple portrays the life of God Ram and Goddess Sita, and the story of Ayodhya.

      In the temples, the Mandals are made on the ground of Hinduism while in Monasteries, Goombas and Art School mandalas are made on the ground of Buddhism.

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