Amitaba Buddha Mantra Mandala

Amitaba Buddha Mantra Mandala

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Amitaba is also known as Amitayus Buddha. In the center of the mandala sphere is the Buddha Amitayus, red and peaceful. The two hands placed in the lap are in the mudra of meditation holding a golden vase of long-life nectar. Adorned with gold, jewel ornaments and silks he sits in vajra posture atop a lotus seat. Surrounding that, on an 8 petalled lotus, are 8 identical forms of Amitayus.

In the first ring of the circle, he is surrounded by the petals of a lotus and the mantra is repeated 21 times in the circular form in the mandala.

Amitabha is the Buddha of the western direction and Lord of the Western Paradise. He is the Father-Buddha of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, and thus compassion is his active reflex nature – here lies his chief significance.  Amitabha means “Infinite Light.”

Amitabha’s Mantra is Om Ami Deva Hri, which is a request to Amitabha to bring an end to rebirth in Samsara and transcend into the Pure Land.

There are many levels of meaning, but this mantra is most commonly understood as: Om = Enlightened Body, Speech, and Mind Ami = Amitabha Buddha Deva = the Deva Realms, six Desire Realms, and Brahma Realms Hri = the seed syllable of compassion


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