Aum Mandala

Aum Mandala


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In all cultures, human beings have tried a lot to order their relationship with cosmos and to systematize nature and the natural phenomenon around them. Relationship with the cosmos is mostly seen in the mandala.

Mandala literally means a magic circle or ring. It is regarded as the place separated and protected from the ever-changing and impure outer world of Samsara.

In practice, it is a geometric pattern of squares and concentric circles as a projection of the cosmos. The basic form of mandalas is square with four gates containing an AUM in the center point.

The mandala also represents the disintegration and then reintegration of one’s own consciousness, a representation of the unconscious self. Mandala enables one to identify emotional disorders and work towards wholeness of personality.

If you want to gift to your beloved one this mandala is perfect for spiritual guidance.

This mandala is perfect for meditation and decoration purpose.

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