Buddhist Meditation and Depth Phychology

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Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology is written by Douglas M. Burns.

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Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology is written by Douglas M. Burns. Douglas M. Burns’ Buddhist Meditation and Depth Psychology is a guidebook to Buddhist meditation as well as a warning and instruction on the barriers and procedures. The ultimate goals of meditation, he argues are the ultimate goals of Buddhism, namely the realization of Nibbana and the removal of dukkha, or suffering. Nibbana, on the other hand, is beyond comprehension and all other forms of regular human experience.

As a result, we can’t be sure it exists unless we’ve had the experience of recognizing it as a direct experience that transcends logic and sense perception. As a result, Nibbana might be characterized as the state of being attained to the pinnacle of moral and psychological maturity. There isn’t much else to say.

As a result, the Buddha addressed comparatively little about Nibbana focusing instead on two lower aims that are concrete realities with easily proven merit. The first was the development, enhancement, and cultivation of good emotions such as love, compassion, equanimity, mental purity, and the joy found in bringing joy to others. Second, he called for letting go of greed, hatred, illusion, conceit, agitation, and other unpleasant, unwholesome emotions.

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