Red Kalachakra Tibetan Mandala
Red Kalachakra Tibetan Mandala

Red Kalachakra Tibetan Mandala


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Red Kalachakra Tibetan Mandala is handpainted in Nepal with a red background and golden color details. It is hand-painted on cotton canvas using natural color and vegetable pigment.

The Kalachakra mandala is a cosmographic representation of the inner, outer, and alternative dimensions of reality.

Support for tantric contemplative practice, mandalas are regarded as the actual abode of a particular deity. Presenting the sphere of the deity’s presence, the deity’s surroundings, and the range and depth of a deity’s influence, mandalas are meditation devices for actualizing and embodying a specific sublime form.

Encompassing the body, speech, and mind of the Kalachakra deity along with the 636 complementary deities in the mandala, the Kalachakra mandala is particularly complex.





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