Tibetan Aparmita Thangka

Tibetan Aparmita Thangka


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Tibetan Aparmita Thangka is handpainted on cotton canvas by a Thangka artist from Nepal. Buddha Aparimita is very popular in bestowing long life upon the devotees. It is said that the famous Madhyamika Buddhist philosopher Arya Nagarjuna had escaped his early death after the recitation of this dharani for one complete day and night.

Aparmita is presented at the center of the thangka. The recitation of this dharani is said to be efficacious when carried out in utter sincerity.

Iconograpy of Aparmita

Aparmita is red in color. His two hands are in dhyana mudra and hold an ambrosia vase. He usually wears all the ornaments of different kinds peculiar to a Sambhogakaya Buddha.

He is never depicted with any consort. He wears a crown and has Ushnisha and Urnakosh on his body. Buddha Aparimita is invoked or worshipped for lengthening the life span or fast relief from dreadful diseases or from mortal danger. In Nepalese Mahayana tradition, the dharani of Buddha Aparimita is often recited by the devotees in the presence of dying patients.

Mantra of Aparmita

The mantra of Aparmita is om a ma a ni dzi wan ti ye soha.

Weight 100 Grams
Size 77 x 52cm
Material Cotton Canvas, Minerals Color


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