Amithabha Buddha

Amithabha Buddha Thangka Painting

is being portrayed as Shakyamuni Buddha but usually, he is often depicted seated in meditation  while is reserved for a seated alone. In , is red in color (red being the color of , , and ). He is being known to protect beings from the of his unique emblem is . He is thus associated with the attributes of the : , , and .

Amitabha as Amitayus

Amitabha is known as the of the west and the most among the of the tradition. Amitabha means and he is also known as “Amitayus” or of the infinite life.

 Amitabha was a who renounced his to become a . He took the name of Dharmakara Bodhisattva and after accumulating great merit over countless lives finally achieved and became a Buddha. now reigns over “”, the western paradise also called “the ”.
 Amitabha has red and dressed in monk’s robes sitting in . His hands are folded and facing up in mudra () holding a containing the . is the emanation of Amitabha and he is depicted with fine clothes, jewels, and a .
 Amitabha is the symbol of , , and . He is associated with the third “” of and the of the as a paradise. Practicing meditation on Amitabha is an against and .

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