Variations in Most Valuable Possession

Have you ever speculated about your most valuable ? Well, if not it’s really a good idea if you start thinking about it. If you start thinking about the most valuable possession, you might come up with a big list. You can then select the most treasured among them.

Some people come up with a situation where they have to compromise all the so that they can stick up with one best possession.

While researching more on most valued possession,  I came up an interesting idea to write about some of the most valued possession that exists and variations among the possession depending upon one’s , and various factors.

Possession and their variations

Brian , the famous English actor and comedian says in an interview that his most valuable possession is Tibetian . He was asked, What is the prized possession you value above all others?  In reply he said:

An ancient Tibetan Thangka – an embroidered drape –given to me by the Dalai Lama in 1990 before my ascent of Everest.

Well, it seems that Thangka comes even before for Brian.

For many and nuns, they compensate their other possessions like family, career, and loved ones and choose of , and path of as the most valued possession.

If you are a painter or an you have to concentrate and focus a lot on your and artworks. Furthermore, your might not be excellent on the first attempt. So if you ask any painter what is your most valued possession? He/she would obviously reply and .

If you are a , you have to spend a considerable amount of on reading new books and writing new ideas. So the most valued possession for a writer might be books and pen.

If you are the one who frequently has issues, allergies and infections, I am sure your most valued possession is your health because you have to take care of your health time and then.

For some students who secure excellent grades in exams, they would always put the on their top priority. Hence, they would value their education most.

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