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Meditation on Shakya Muni Buddha – How to calm Body and Mind?

” is a word that means “fully awakened.” It refers not only to , or Gautama, the founder of the that came to be known as .

A powerful way to discover our own buddha-nature is to open ourselves to the external Buddha. With continual practice, our ordinary self-image gradually falls away and We learn instead to identify with our innate and : our own .

Before starting the place the / of Shakyamuni Buddha in front of you.

And you should be prepared for this meditation by doing a few minutes of breathing meditation and follow the following steps:

Calming the Mind

Focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe naturally. Become present in the moment and place where you are. Just focus the on the rising and falling off your shoulders and chest as you inhale and exhale gently. Allow your mind to settle and become and present, ready to engage in meditation.


Create an altruistic for the meditation session. Think that you are meditating not just for your own individual benefit, but you are taking the now to meditate and develop your mind to become a wiser and kinder person, able to be of benefit to all beings.

The Main Body of the Meditation

In the a few feet in front of you, visualize a few inches in height, facing you, slightly higher than the level of your head. His form is non-obstructing, glorious, golden light, luminous and vibrant, like a radiant golden jewel. His is infinite compassion, loving-, and wisdom.

His face is very and smiling; he radiates to you. Imagine the Buddha is seated on a topped with two radiant discs representing the and the moon.

rests on a golden adorned with jewels and supported by . He wears the saffron robes of a and sits in the crossed-leg posture. The palm of his right-hand res ton his right knee, his left-hand rest in his lap in meditation gesture.

Imagine light radiating from every pore of his , completely reaching the limits of the , filling all of space and dispelling all darkness. As much as you can, try to bring this visualization into your mind as clearly as possible.

Take a moment now and ask from your heart, from this radiant light, radiant being, for whatever it is you would like help with right now.

The Buddha is extremely happy to help and his turns at his heart, standing clockwise, like a tiny string of radiant pearls. Light begins to pour forth from his heart and this mantra garland filling.

Meditation on Shakyamuni Buddha to every part of his being and overflowing through every pore in his body.

Imagine the light rays filling all of space, touching all the beings throughout the entire universe and also entering you through the crown of your head like a radiant waterfall of energy. Imagine this filling up your entire being, purifying negativities, enhancing all of your positive qualities. While chanting the mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha, keep this visualization going as much as you can.


Imagine your body is completely filled with this radiant energy. The Buddha is extremely pleased with your practice and dissolves into a radiant golden jewel.

This drop comes to your crown, slowly dissolving into you blessing your , purifying all negativities associated with your body; slowly descending down blessing your , purifying all negativities associated with your speech; descending to your , purifying all the negativities associated with your mind. Just take a moment to feel this oneness with Shakyamuni Buddha, the .


Please dedicate all of the incredible positive energy generated from doing this practice, to maximizing your potential as a human, opening your heart and purifying your mind as quickly as you can, and progressing along a path to full , where you will have an unlimited capacity for being of benefit to all living beings.

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