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Vajrapani Art


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Buddhist Hand Painted Thangka of Vajrapani is a Buddhist Hand Painted Thangka with a size of 60 x 44cm. The weight of this thangka is 0.1kg. The material used to make this thangka is Cotton Canvas and Mineral colors.

Vajrapani is depicted at the center of the thangka. Vajrapani is dancing wildly within a halo of flames, which represents transformation. He holds a vajra in his right hand, which emphasizes the power to cut through the darkness of delusion.
Vajrapani looks wrathful, but as a representation of the enlightened mind, he is completely free from hatred.
Vajrapani represents unrelenting effectiveness in the battle of negativity and is a means of achieving fiery determination for the practitioner. During the reign of Buddha Shakyamuni, he requested that the Buddha teach many of the Tantras that are still practiced today. Because Vajrapani is the last of the Buddhas to arrive in this fortunate eon, preserving his image and establishing a connection with him will be extremely beneficial to us.
The Mantra of Vajrapani is om vajrapani hum.


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