Visuddhimagga - The Path of Purification

Visuddhimagga – The Path of Purification

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Visuddhimagga – The Path of Purification is translated by Bhikkhu Nanamoli. This book is the foundational textbook for the Theravadin school of Buddhism upon which the popular Vipassana meditation is founded and was written by Buddhaghosa in the Fifth Century in Sri Lanka. It is known by its Pali title, Visuddhimagga.

However, it is far more than just a Vipassana guidebook. It is divided into three pieces each covering one of the three “baskets” of Buddha’s teaching. The first portion deals with Virtue and includes a brief chapter on acceptable ascetic practices. Following that, there is a substantial and great section on concentration training based on forty traditional meditation subjects.

Finally, there is a big part of Understanding, Abhidhamma’s wisdom teachings.


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