Wealth Deity - Yellow Jambhala

Wealth Deity – Yellow Jambhala


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Wealth Deity – Yellow Jambhala is the original piece of art from the Himalayan country of Nepal.

Dzambhala creates stability so that practitioners have the time, energy, and means to practice and achieve enlightenment.

Yellow Jambala is the manifestation of Buddha Ratnasambhava. He protected the dharma and if anyone calls his name, he will come and help the person.

If one has trouble with finance or anything, one can chant his mantra and he will come and help. But one must have a bodhi mind and practice Buddhism properly to attain his blessings. One can also gain wealth, wisdom, intelligence, and at last! Attain Buddha hood!.

Yellow Jambala sits on a lotus, sun and moon disk. He holds a mongoose in his left hand and from its mouth spews forth precious jewels.

Yellow Jamabala Mantra

Om Zambala Zalendharaye Soha


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