White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art
White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art

White Tara with Namgyalma Tibetan Art


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This painting is hand-painted on Cotton Canvas in Kathmandu, Nepal. It measures 100*76 cm (39*30 inch) and weights 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs).

White Tara is featured prominently in the center of the thangka. Aparmita and Namgyalma are placed at the bottom right and left corners of White Tara in the thangka.

Weight 400 Grams – 0.88 lbs
Size 100*76 cm (39*30 inch)
Material Cotton Canvas & Natural Color

Iconography of White Tara

White Tara represents the enlightened and liberating activity of all the Buddhas. She embodies the motherly aspect of universal compassion. Her compassion for living beings and her desire to save them from suffering is said to be even stronger than a mother’s love for her children.

White Tara, the Mother of All Buddhas, is known for her swiftness in responding to the prayers of those who invoke her name. White Tara meditation practice is said to grant health, long life, fearlessness, patience, and peace. Sadhanas of White Tara are often performed to prolong life and heal illness. It is said that because Arya Tara is the collective manifestation of the enlightened activity of all Buddhas, her sadhana is easily accomplished.

Gestures and Attributes

Her right hand is open towards us in the gesture of supreme generosity, signifying her ability to fulfill our spiritual and material needs.

Her left hand is in the gesture (mudra) of bestowing blessing, refuge, and protection. She has seven eyes one in each hand and foot, and the third eye in her face to show that she sees and responds to suffering throughout the universe; and she sits in the full lotus, or vajra, posture.

Her left hand holds the stem of a blossoming white lotus signifying her spiritual perfection and complete purity of body, speech, and mind.

The mantra of White Tara


Iconography of Namgyalma

Namgyalma is presented at the bottom right corner of white tara in the thangka. Ushnisha Vijaya is also known as Namgyalma. Namgyalma is a deity for long life and purification. Her mantra has infinite benefits.

It is said to be so powerful that anybody who hears it will never again be born from the womb. Therefore, if animals hear it, they will never again be reborn in the lower realms.

The mantra of Ushnisha Vijaya (Namgyalma)

Om Dhrum Soha Om Amrita Ayur Dade Soha

Iconography of Aparmita

Aparmita bottom left corner of white tara in the thangka. Buddha Aparimita is very popular in bestowing long life upon the devotees. He is red in color. His two hands are in dhyana mudra and hold an ambrosia vase.

He usually wears all the ornaments of different kinds peculiar to a Sambhogakaya Buddha. He is never depicted with any consort. He wears a crown and has Ushnisha and Urnakosh in his body.

Buddha Aparimita is invoked or worshipped for lengthening the life span or fast relief from dreadful diseases or from mortal danger.

In the Nepalese Mahayana tradition, the dharani of Buddha Aparimita is often recited by the devotees in the presence of dying patients the recitation of this dharani is said to be efficacious when carried out in utter sincerity.

It is said that the famous Madhyamika Buddhist philosopher Arya Nagarjuna had escaped his early death after the recitation of this dharani for one complete day and night.

The mantra of Buddha Aparmita

Om A Ma Ra Ni Dzi Wan Ti Ye Soha


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