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An Inquiry into the Functions of Abhiṣeka

The ṣeka , which is more accurately a or activation of an individual, is an integral part of the esoteric tradition, having been adapted from the ceremonies connected to crowning a monarch or consecrating a ritual.

Abhiṣeka, which began as a gateway ritual during the late sixth or early seventh century, evolved into a highly intricate ceremony both in its place of origin and in the regions of Central and East to which it spread.

The details of the origins and evolution of abhiṣeka in are somewhat unclear, and further research could be beneficial.

The way it is practiced today appears to be quite different from what is described in some of the esoteric texts, leading us to question how it changed from a private ritual to a grand public event.

This presentation will provide an overview of the essential of the Indian abhiṣeka ritual and discuss possible interpretations of its purpose in both India and medieval .


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