Tara Mandala - US
Tara Mandala - US

The depths of Dharma practice at Tara Mandala community

Juanita McCarron’s spiritual journey has been a life-altering experience. Robert Thomas interviews her to gain insight into the events and inner transformations that have shaped her path. Come along with us as we explore the depths of practice through Juanita’s story.

Juanita’s life has been extraordinary since she was a young, inquisitive, and unconventional kid. She has had the chance to meet His Holiness the and gain a of from him. Her experiences have taken her through the worlds of politics, activism, and spiritual inquiry, culminating in her adoption of .

Juanita’s discovery of , and the guidance of , was a remarkable moment for her. She felt a great sense of and relief when she finally recognized herself in , showing the potency of acceptance and the return of the Feminine.


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