Approaching marital difficulties with a positive mindset
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Approaching marital difficulties with a positive mindset

In his book “”, discusses the challenges that arise when one spouse becomes a caregiver for the other, especially in the context of a troubled marriage.

A woman expresses her to divorce her husband, who is dealing with serious issues, and he advises against it.

Pomnyun emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and showing , even in difficult situations.

He proposes that the children, who may currently be in favor of their mother’s choice to get a divorce, might have varying viewpoints as they mature.

He argues that staying together and taking care of the sick spouse can positively impact the emotional well-being and personal growth of the children.

Using examples, Pomnyun illustrates the potential benefits of selfless caregiving, citing a case where a woman caring for her husband with health issues unexpectedly found purpose and solace in her own life.

Caring for others, even when faced with personal challenges, can lead to a more meaningful and prolonged life.

Ultimately, Pomnyun advises the woman to approach her marital difficulties with a positive mindset, emphasizing compassion and warmth towards her husband.

This approach may not only improve the relationship but also lead to personal growth and lasting .


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