Dealing with negative self-image
A Skeptic’s Path to Enlightenment

Dealing with negative self-image

In the referenced article, Isa Acebal emphasizes the significance of acknowledging and accepting our internal critic, which can be a common challenge for many individuals dealing with negative self-image.

She highlights that while it might be simple to evade negativity from others, it is impossible to completely escape self-criticism.

Through practical advice and profound reflections, Isa guides practitioners through the intricacies of , urging them to become their own best friend.

In a world saturated with messages of self-improvement and comparison, Isa reminds us that genuine self- is the foundation of true and well-being.

From setting boundaries to practicing radical self-acceptance, each step on this journey is an act of and .

Here are the 12 points outlined in the talk:

  1. Learn to set boundaries
  2. Be honest
  3. Stop comparing yourself
  4. Try analytical
  5. Keep a gratitude journal
  6. Practice radical self-acceptance
  7. Adopt a growth mindset
  8. Surround yourself with loving people
  9. Help others
  10. Practice affirmations
  11. Take care of your
  12. Spend in nature


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