Thubten Jigme on cultivating empathy and understanding
Sravasti Abbey - US

Thubten Jigme on cultivating empathy and understanding

In this talk shares insightful reflections on overcoming prejudice and fostering in challenging situations.

Drawing from personal experiences in prisons and assisting homeless youth, she discusses initial of and judgment towards individuals who have faced adversity.

Through encounters with these communities and witnessing their transformations, Thubten Jigme’s perspective evolves, emphasizing the inherent humanity and potential for growth in every individual.

Highlighting examples of individuals who embody compassion and support, despite obstacles, she underscores the importance of maintaining an open heart and extending in the face of adversity.

By fostering unity, , and empathy, Thubten Jigme suggests that such actions not only contribute to personal growth but also pave the way towards collective .

The narrative encapsulates the profound truth that “it’s hard to hate people up close,” urging practitioners to cultivate empathy and understanding in their interactions with others.


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