Buddhism's impact on end-of-life care in Australia
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Buddhism’s impact on end-of-life care in Australia

Dr. and Dr. David Marco, from the University of Melbourne, collaborated with Dr. Anna Halafof of Deakin University and Deb Rawlings of Flinders University for a comprehensive on ’s role in end-of-life care for Australians.

Their research investigated how principles, including and training, influence decisions surrounding dying.

According to Dr. Gould and Dr. Halafof, Buddhism has become integral to both living and dying well in Australia’s wellness industry.

The Dying ‘Buddhish’ in Australia project aimed to fill the gap in understanding the extent of Buddhist influence in end-of-life care.

Completed in November 2023, the project revealed over 40 service providers incorporating Buddhist-inspired like mindfulness practices and discussions on the post-death intermediate state.

Additionally, it identified nearly 50 practitioners integrating Buddhist practices into their at hospitals, hospices, and funeral homes.

The findings mark a significant step toward comprehending Buddhism’s impact on end-of-life care in Australia.


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