Burnout with Conor Franta
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Burnout with Connor Franta

We are introducing a new podcast called Burnout to help people manage the burnout crisis and provide them with to protect their mental . Although it is not solely our responsibility to fix the issue, can help us find individual and collective solutions.

This four-part podcast series delves into the escalating issue of systematic burnout and mental health.

Mindful and Lemonada Media have joined forces to create a podcast series that delves into the effects of burnout on our professional and personal lives in light of the current pandemic and the “Great Resignation”.

Burnout will examine how our society has gotten to this point and what we can do to break the cycle. The podcast will look at the story of burnout, its physical and mental impacts, and why simple solutions won’t be enough to address the underlying systemic issues.

Connor Franta is the host of this inspiring, enlightening, and action-oriented series which will help us to gain a better comprehension of living with burnout and provide a plan and online support group for a different (fruitful, yet joyful) journey ahead.


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