Confronting our afflictions and witness the suffering of others
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Confronting our afflictions and witness the suffering of others

In this discussion, Venerable delves into how can bring about personal development and foster on a global scale.

Drawing inspiration from the , Thubten Samten emphasizes compassion as a vital for understanding and alleviating .

Throughout the talk, Thubten Samten highlights compassion as a form of preventative , enabling individuals to confront their own afflictions and bear witness to the suffering of others with empathy and to help.

She emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity, underscoring how compassion our , decisions, and interactions with others.

Personal anecdotes shared by Thubten Samten serve to illustrate the power of compassion in overcoming and suspicion, leading to greater connection and understanding.

She also introduces the from , highlighting the importance of nurturing emotional, social, and ethical intelligence in students.

Practitioners are encouraged to keep the aspiration of full , striving to develop better communication skills and practice inner strength through compassion in their daily lives.

Thubten Samten emphasizes the ripple effect of each individual’s , words, and actions, expressing gratitude to Venus Children for making these accessible to a wider audience.


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