Tantra, its concept in East and West

Tantra, its concept in East and West

Tantra is a word that can be broken into two sub-words: tan and tra

Tan – meaning

Tra – meaning translating into

In other words, tantra is the tool of expansion. It is a purely . The way of practicing tantra is known as . There have been different concepts and practices of tantrism till the date. The practice of tantrism varies in the Eastern and Western world.

Tantrism in Eastern World

In the Eastern world, Tantrism is a purely spiritual practice and is the utmost achievement of divine power. Tantra is believed to be the series of texts, beliefs, and that enable a person to achieve the divine and the vast energy of the . It is known to be originated from and hence combines different Indian practices to raise . At first writings generated among the in India around the 4th century. Later on, practitioners also started adapting. Now it is opened to all people.

The concept of the majority of the Eastern world is they see the as a barrier for their spiritual path. For Example, and Gandhi thought sexual life and any associated with it as a sinful practice and taught their followers from practicing those kinds of stuff. Tantra is exactly the opposite of this. It uses the body and the sexual experience as a unity of the divine Shaki and .

– The creative energy of the universe, the female divinity

Shiva – The transformative energy and Universal consciousness, the male energy.

Tantrism in Western World

The western world has totally manipulated the concept of and use it only to answer all their sexual prayers. Instead of adopting a specific and a committed spiritual practice, Western World sees Tantra as a light tool that can be gained easily by paying a certain amount for the workshop, classes, or a book. The deep and scared meaning o Tantra have been ignored and turned into a consumer product.

It only looks Tantrasim is just a practice for achieving their needs and is creating a of eroticism.


Tantric and

Tantric are used for deep to achieving tantric energy. Different kinds of are used in the Tantric Mandalas. The and The are the two important one.

In tantric routines, the Vajra is normally held in the right hand and the Bell in the left. The binding of both gives the tantric energy, the Vajra symbolizes method, bliss, and male aspects, and the Bell symbolizes , emptiness, the female aspect. The bell as a whole symbolizes the sound of the and is often used in tantric to offer sound.

There are also various statues of and in the that portrays the tantrism.


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