First Theravada Bhikkhuni Sima established in Malaysia
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First Theravada Bhikkhuni Sima established in Malaysia

The establishment of the First Malaysian Bhikkhuni at Kwasa Damansara marks a significant milestone in the country’s community.

Led by the Ariya Vihara , the sima establishment ceremony took place on April 23, 2024, aligning with the full moon, a crucial event adhering to the Buddhist .

A sima serves as a consecrated boundary where essential legal acts, such as the of the monastic , can occur.

Its establishment signifies the legitimacy of forthcoming monasteries, paving the way for Malaysia’s first bhikkhuni center in modern .

The ceremony saw the participation of 17 esteemed bhikkhunis from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand.

Notable among them were Venerable Saddha Sumana Mahatheri and other prominent figures who have been instrumental in the Theravada bhikkhuni revival.

The successful was made possible through the collaboration and support of the Fourfold Assembly, including the and bhikkhuni sanghas, along with devoted upasikas and upasakas.

Senior and abbesses played vital roles, ensuring the proper execution of the ceremony.

Before the consecration, a Sanghakamma was performed for the removal of the previous sima, followed by the declaration of the new boundary.

The event culminated in heartfelt gratitude extended to all participants and contributors, emphasizing the historical significance of the occasion.

The Ariya Vihara Buddhist Society, founded in 2015 and based in Shah Alam, has emerged as a leading bhikkhuni-led community in Malaysia.

With the support of the Selangor state government, the organization was granted the land where the sima was established, further solidifying its commitment to fostering in the region.


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