Insights from Venerable Pomnyun on finding peace amidst life's trials
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Insights from Venerable Pomnyun on finding peace amidst life’s trials

During his presentation at the Southdale Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 4, 2024, Venerable explored the age-old question of how to achieve in the face of adversity affecting virtuous individuals.

His discourse, drawn from his book “,” illuminated the complex interplay between intention, action, and outcome.

Using his , Venerable Pomnyun explained the misconception of believing that good actions always lead to positive results.

He underscored the intrinsic value of altruism, emphasizing that doing good deeds not only enhances the probability of positive results but also cultivates inner contentment.

The interactive session with the audience revealed poignant insights into human nature and interpersonal dynamics.

Pomnyun ’s nuanced responses navigated through the intricacies of hurt, deception, and the quest for authenticity.

He guided practitioners towards a shift in perspective, encouraging them to embrace the inherent imperfections of human interactions with and understanding.

Through his unwavering commitment to spreading the of and , Pomnyun Sunim continues to inspire individuals to navigate life’s challenges with resilience.


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