Perseverance and commitment to a single path
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Perseverance and commitment to a single path

In this excerpt venerable delves into the challenge of managing impatience within .

Through a dialogue with a practitioner struggling with , Pomnyun sheds light on the pitfalls of excessive striving, which he equates to the often associated with worldly pursuits.

Drawing parallels between the pursuit of and the pursuit of material , Pomnyun warns against the dangers of impatience and the for quick results.

He emphasizes the need to let go of greed and adopt a patient, steady approach to practice.

Using the example of a practitioner who continually changes methods in search of faster progress, Pomnyun underscores the importance of perseverance and commitment to a single path.

Furthermore, he cautions against practicing out of greed, suggesting that genuine requires accepting responsibility for past actions and their consequences.

He advocates for sincere introspection and humility, rejecting the notion of seeking shortcuts or avoiding accountability.

Ultimately, Pomnyun’s promote a balanced and mindful approach to spiritual practice, one grounded in , acceptance, and a willingness to face challenges with humility and sincerity.


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