Rediscovering Women in East Asian Buddhist Art
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Rediscovering Women in East Asian Buddhist Art

This exhibition at the Hoam Art in South Korea offers insight into the representation of women in centuries-old from Korea, , and .

The exhibition, running until June 16, aims to illuminate the often-overlooked presence and contributions of women in this genre.

It features masterworks sourced from 27 institutions worldwide, including , statues, , and embroideries.

Highlighting the role of women as both patrons and artisans of Buddhist art, the exhibition showcases 92 pieces, with over half never before displayed in South Korea.

Among the notable exhibits is a seventh-century -bronze standing statue of from Korea’s Baekje Kingdom, signifying the cultural heritage’s enduring significance.

The show challenges the historical narrative by emphasizing women’s significant roles beyond supporting characters.

It portrays how women commissioned and crafted art, contributing to its flourishing despite societal constraints.

Through this exploration, the exhibition provides visitors with a rich visual experience while celebrating the legacy of women in Buddhist art.


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