Khyentse Norbu's talk at SOAS Award Ceremony
Khyentse Foundation - US

Reflecting on Khyentse Norbu’s talk at SOAS Award Ceremony

During his talk at SOAS Award Ceremony, also known as expressed surprise and humility for being granted an honorary degree by the (SOAS).

Despite not considering himself a significant contributor to society, he hopes this recognition will inspire others to contribute in the future.

Reflecting on his background, he acknowledged that his in London and at SOAS has been a crucial chapter that opened his eyes to different perspectives.

He discussed the varied meanings associated with the term “Oriental” and the stereotypes attached to it, suggesting that Orientals may adopt a Western viewpoint at the expense of their own traditions.

He encouraged Occidentals to appreciate Oriental and African studies with genuine respect and humility, fostering a more balanced understanding.

Acknowledging the responsibility that comes with the honorary degree, Khyentse Norbu expressed his dedication to promoting genuine empathy, which he sees as a core value of SOAS.


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