Shamata and Vasana - The Bodhisattva's spiritual path
Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

Shamata and Vasana – The Bodhisattva’s spiritual path

In a discussion on the two practices important for a , explores the deep meaning of and Vāsanā as essential aspects of the Bodhisattva’s spiritual path.

Shamata, characterized by meditative practice, serves to sharpen the ’s focus and cultivate the ability to discern as illusions.

Conversely, Vāsanā emphasizes spiritual insight and the comprehension of truth, aiming to dismantle the root cause of delusion and samsaric existence.

As complementary paths, Shamata aids in honing mental , while Vasana facilitates the recognition and eradication of delusion.

These practices are particularly beneficial for beginners, aiding them in overcoming distractions, mastering mind control, and ultimately striving for liberation from the cycle of .

By embracing Shamata and Vāsanā, individuals embark on a transformative journey toward profound spiritual understanding and liberation from the shackles of and delusion.


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