The qualities of a qualified student and guru with Gyalwang Karmapa
Dakini Translations - Adele Tomlin

The qualities of a qualified student and guru with Gyalwang Karmapa

In the on the Fifty Verses on the , the 17th Gyalwang discusses the prominent topic of and students breaking their during the examination of a proficient student and teacher, as transcribed by .

Both guru and student are urged to conduct a courageous and thorough examination of each other before forging a Vajrayāna connection, as straying from samaya can lead to dire consequences for both.

The qualities of a qualified student and guru are delineated, emphasizing , humility, and of intention.

Wise students are cautioned against following those lacking in compassion, arrogance, or ethical conduct.

The Karmapa underscores the ’s teachings on the difficulty of truly knowing another’s inner qualities, warning against hasty judgments based solely on external appearances.

Examining potential gurus and students involves observing their daily habits, associations, livelihood, and conduct, as outlined in the Hundred Deeds.

It’s emphasized that the examination must be thorough and repeated, focusing on intentions and .

Failure to conduct a proper examination risks violating samaya, leading to adverse consequences for both parties.

Hence, the importance of discernment and purity of intention in forging Vajrayāna connections is highlighted, ensuring the integrity of the spiritual path and safeguarding against spiritual pitfalls.


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