Venerable Tenzin Tsepal on Power With vs. Power Over
Sravasti Abbey - US

Venerable Tenzin Tsepal on Power With vs. Power Over

In this talk Venerable , also known as Tenzin Tsepal, reflects on and the habit of “powering over” others.

She shares a personal experience of being called out for prioritizing her own needs, discussing the long journey of recognizing and aspiring to change such behaviors.

Tenzin Tsepal identifies signs of “powering over”, such as self-centeredness, making unilateral decisions, and giving unsolicited advice.

She encourages viewers to reflect on their behaviors and adopt “power with” , balancing their needs with those of others and maintaining empathy.

Tenzin Tsepal acknowledges the challenge of empathizing with those higher in the hierarchy and advocates for sharing power through collaboration and negotiation, rather than criticism or manipulation.

She shares personal strategies for developing empathy and valuing others, such as slowing down, practicing , and meditating to develop , a compassionate mindset that values others’ needs alongside one’s own.

Tenzin Tsepal emphasizes the importance of that encourage respect and thoughtfulness in relationships, proposing that embracing a mindset of collaboration and equality can result in kinder and more empathetic connections.

She emphasizes the importance of treating each other with respect and considering differing perspectives in decision-making.


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