About Changling Rinpoche

The Changling Rinpoche are a Tibetan Buddhist lineage, founded by the Tibetan Rechungpa who lived in the eleventh century. Rechungpa himself was a student of Milarepa.
Map of the Tibetan Empire

Schools of Tibetan Buddhism

There are various schools or traditions of Tibetan . Tibetan Buddhism has four major schools, namely (c. 8th century), (11th century), (1073), and (1409). The four major schools are sometimes divided into the Nyingma (or "Old Translation") and Sarma (or "New Translation") traditions, which follow different canons of scripture (the Nyingma Gyubum along with Termas and the Tengyur-Kangyur respectively). The four main traditions overlap markedly, such that "about eighty percent or more of .