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Dorje Drolo is a fierce manifestation of Padmasambhava that is associated with the Eight Main Manifestations and the life story of Guru Rinpoche. He is seen riding a tigress and holds a vajra in his right hand and a phurba ritual dagger in his left. This form of the Precious Guru is said to have first been seen when Padmasambhava taught the Dakinis in a charnel field in Khotan, and he is renowned for his ability to control negative forces. He is also used as a meditational deity in at least fourteen different Revealed Treasure (terma) traditions. He was first manifested by Padmasambhava at thirteen mountain retreats known as the Tiger's Den (tagtsang) in order to subdue demons and spirits of the Himalayan region. These locations are said to have impressions of Guru Rinpoche's feet in the rocks.

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Emanation of Padmasambhava – Dorje Drolo

is a wrathful emanation from the group of Eight Main Manifestations. Dorje Drolo the fierce manifestation of known as Diamond Guts. Dorje Drolo is one of the Eight Manifestations of . He assumed this manifestation in in in order to bring the local deities and guardians under his control. Dorje Dorolo is known as gu ru rDo-rje gro-lod in .  Dorje Dorolo is also known as Guru .
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The Tantric Phurba – A protective ritual dagger

The is a dagger used in practices. It is used to protect against negative energies and to promote positive change. The phurba is not to be used for or harm, and should only be used for ritual purposes. It is a powerful for protection and should be used with care and respect. Origin of Phurba in The renowned , who was initiated by the Indian sage Prabhahastin, is said .

Guru Rinpoche | Padmasambhava

The of dates back in . He is also known as the . He is the Indian of the 8th century. He is an emanation of the , and a number of  have been evolved around the Padmasambhava's life. He is popular as "The " across the , , , and many places around the world. During the of Padmasambhava, he transmitted the to hundreds of disciples. His main students, .