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is the main largest and has been considered as the Official religion of due to call for protection of Sanatan by Nepal constitution. In the 2011 Nepal census, approximately 81.3 percent of the Nepalese people identified themselves as , although observers note that many of the people regarded as in the 1981 census could, with as much justification, be called . According to 2011 census, the Hindu population in Nepal is estimated to be around 22.1 million which accounts 81.3% of country’s population. The national calendar of Nepal, Vikram Samvat, is a solar Hindu calendar essentially the same to that widespread in North as a calendar, and is based on .

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Today, is referred to as the oldest living followed in the whole world. More than 3000+ deities are found in some places near the homes of where they and . Though the underlying philosophies of Hinduism are the same, the belief system has been adjusted over nearly 3000 years of existence. The concept is still the same and is adjusted over to cope with social changes of a society. .