About House of Religions

The House of Religions - Dialogue of Cultures is a Swiss inter-religious institution in the city of Bern in Switzerland that houses worship rooms for eight faiths in one single building.

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Wat Srinagarindravararam in Gretzenbach

Established Buddhist temples in Switzerland

Geshe Rabten Rinpoche founded in 1977 in Mont Pèlerin a Buddhist monastery and study centre for European monks, nuns and lay people as well. One year later, in 1978 the Swiss Buddhist Union (Schweizerische Buddhistische Union / Union Suisse des Bouddhistes / Unione Buddhista Svizzera) was founded by the Czech Buddhist Mirko Fryba. Switzerland is now home to several Tibetan-Buddhist and Zen monasteries, among them the located in Zell-Rikon im Tösstal in .