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Depicting Padmasambhava – The fierce Guru Dragpo

Dragpo is also called fierce . Padmashamvara is from the Terma Revealed. Padmashamvara is from Treasure Lineage of Nyang Ral Nyima Ozer 1124-1192. The lineage of the Padmashamvara Padmasambhava is Very fierce red in color. Padmasambhava is with one face and three eyes.  Padmasambhava has a gaping mouth. And Padmasambhava has yellow hair flowing upward. The right hand of Padmasambhava holds upraised a gold scepter.  The left hand of the Padmashamvara holds .
Mandarava Thangka Painting

Long Life Dakini Mandarava

is also known as The Long Life Mandarava. Mandarava was the virtuous, and beautiful princess daughter of the royal couple in Zahor. Mandarava is also known as, , . She is along with . She is one of the two principal consorts of great 8th century Indian teacher , a founder-figure of , described as a ‘’ by many practitioners. Birth Place of Mandarava Mandarava was .