About Milarepa's Cave - Nyalam

Milarepa's Cave or Namkading Cave is a cave where the Tibetan Buddhist philosopher, and Vajrayana Mahasiddha, Milarepa spent many years of his life in the eleventh century. It is located 11 kilometres (7 mi) north of the town of Nyalam at Gangka village. It is on the slope below the China–Nepal Friendship Highway and above the Matsang river in Nyalam County, Tibet.
Potala Palace

Gelug Monasteries – The heart of the Tibetan philosophy

The Gelug is the newest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was founded by Je Tsongkhapa (1357–1419), a Tibetan philosopher, tantric yogi and lama and further expanded and developed by his disciples. Tsongkhapa founded the monastery of Ganden in 1409 as his main seat. was founded by Jamyang Choje, Sera Monastery was founded by Chöje Shakya Yeshe, and was founded by Gyalwa Gendün Drup, the 1st Dalai .