About Nubchen Sangye Yeshe

Sangye Yeshe, also known as 'Buddha Wisdom', was one of the twenty-five disciples of Padmasambhava and the chief recipient of the Anu Yoga teachings and Yamantaka of Mahayoga. Nubchen Sangye Yeshehad several teachers, including Guru Rinpoche, Traktung Nagpo and Chögyal Kyong from India, Vasudhara from Nepal, and Chetsen Kye from Drusha. He visited India and Nepal seven times. During the time of Langdarma's attempt to destroy Buddhism in Tibet, Sangye Yeshe used his magical powers to create an enormous scorpion, the size of nine yaks, with a single gesture of his right hand. This caused Langdarma to lose his courage to persecute the Vajrayana sangha who dressed in white robes and kept long hair. Nubchen Sangye Yeshe is considered an important figure in the development of the White Sangha of lay yogis (ngagpas).

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava

The 25 disciples of Padmasambhava also called as Guru Rinpoche were instrumental in the spread of Buddha's teachings throughout Tibet. They emerged as masters, having achieved great wisdom, understanding, and success. These Mahasiddhas are believed to have special future incarnations due to their connection with Padmasambhava's terma treasures. To this day, these disciples continue to be reborn as Tertons, imparting the teachings of Padmasambhava in a contemporary and authentic way to new .