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About Right attentiveness

Right the only way that leads to the attainment of . This is one of the .

Seventh Step – Right Attentiveness

What is ? The only way that leads to the attainment of , to the overcoming of sorrow and lamentation, to the end of pain and grief, to the entering upon the right path and the realization of Nirvana, is the “Four Fundamentals of .” And which are these four? In them, the disciple dwells in of the Body, in contemplation of Feeling, in contemplation of the Mind, in contemplation of the .

Second Step – Right Mindedness

After the First Step – Right Understanding we will go through the second step called a . What is Right Mindedness? It is thoughts free from lust; thoughts free from ill-will; thoughts free from cruelty. This is called right-mindedness. Now, Right Mindedness, let me tell you, is of two kinds: Thoughts free from lust, from ill-will, and from cruelty:-this is called the “Mundane Right Mindedness,” which yields worldly fruits and brings good results. But, .