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Right speech is one path of Eightfold Path of Buddha.

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Third Step – Right Speech

After the First Step - Right Understanding and the second step called a Right Mindedness we will go through Third Step - . What is Right Speech? Right speech is abstaining from following: Lying Tale-bearing Harsh language vain talk There, someone avoids lying and abstains from it. He speaks the truth, is devoted to the truth, reliable, worthy of confidence, is not a deceiver of men. Being at a meeting, or amongst people, or in the midst of his relatives, .

A Short Story Of Amitabha

The Sakyamuni described the Buddha  to Ananda. The Light that issues from is the most brilliant, and none is comparable to him. In adoration we call him: The Buddha of  The Buddha of Immeasurable Light The Buddha of Boundless Light The Buddha of Inexpressible Light The Buddha whose Light surpasses the and the Moon Whoever is with the Light will enjoy a and life which is free of .